Mark Lanegan - The Winding Sheet


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The Winding Sheet is Lanegan’s first solo work and showcases his adept skills as a lyricist and his deep, soulful voice. Highlights include “Mockingbirds”, “Ugly Sunday” and the haunting “Wild Flowers”. The late Kurt Cobain lends vocals to  “Down in the Dark,” and for the folk classic “Where Did You Sleep Last Night” Cobain contributes guitar and vocals and Krist Novoselic plays bass. Nirvana would later also cover “Where Did You Sleep Last Night” on their Unplugged album.

An underrated classic of the pacific northwest scene, this record established Lanegan as an intriguing and unpredictable artist in his own right, a reputation that he would make the most of in subsequent years.The album was produced by Jack Endino, Lanegan and Johnson. 

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Sup Pop Records. Gatefold sleeve. This edition includes the bonus track “I Love You Little Girl”.

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