M.I.A - Arular

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After her much-loved Piracy Funds Terrorism mixtape collaboration with Diplo, and a series of delays, Arular, the debut album from London-via-Sri Lanka club artist M.I.A. proves worth the wait. The record feature the singles 'Galang', 'Sunshowers' and 'Bucky Done Gun'.

Arular was first expected to be released in late 2004, but instead M.I.A. gave half of its vocals away to Diplo's Piracy Funds Backlash mixtape, which married her London Sri Lankan patois to music from New York, Rio, and Kingston. The mix highlighted her big-tent approach to global rhythms and Now Sounds, an M.O. that was cemented when she professed her love for hip-hop crew the Diplomats and rap's spiritual cousins, grime, baile funk, dancehall, and reggaeton in The New York Times. Faster than you can say "galang-alang-alang," M.I.A. became the one-woman embodiment of what to some is great about the contemporary pop music landscape. All that's left is for M.I.A. to draft Seba as producer and that voice that name-stamps dancehall tracks like a heavily drugged, vocoded Just Blaze as MC: "M.I.A. on... Bionic Ras... Baile Funk... Forward Riddim..." - Pitchfork

Awarded 'Best New Album' from the editors of Pitchfork, March 2005.

Heavyweight double vinyl pressed by XL Recordings.

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