Neil Young - Return To Greendale


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Return to Greendale is the next instalment in Neil Young’s Performance Series and features a concert from the historic and unique 2003 tour supporting the release of the Neil Young with Crazy Horse’s album Greendale

On the 2003 tour, Neil Young and Crazy Horse were joined on stage by a large cast of singers and actors to perform the story Neil Young wrote about the small town of Greendale and how a dramatic event affects the people living there. The ten songs from the powerful original album are performed in sequence, with the cast speaking the sung words - adding to the intensity of the performance.

Think of Neil Young's 2003 record Greendale as the venerable rocker's take on Our Town, with a heavy dose of weirdness, environmentalism and anti-war sentiment thrown in.

Return to Greendale gives listeners, and viewers, a chance to revisit the often overlooked Young record, tour and rock opera film. On the live album, Young and his longtime collaborators Crazy Horse deliver versions of the record's 10 songs that are largely faithful to the originals.

Heavyweight double vinyl pressed by Reprise Records for the Neil Young Archives in 2020.

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