OFF! - Free LSD (Exclusive Purple Vinyl)

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OFF!’s first new album in eight years translates the work of an alien race attempting to rebuild the remains of your destroyed record collection. Like the first 3 records, the raging two-minute bonfires that make up Free LSD were written by the core of the band, Keith Morris and Dimitri Coats. Highlights include "War Above Los Angeles" and "Slice Up The Pie".

Exclusive DEEP PURPLE vinyl produced by Fat Possum in 2022. Limited Edition glow-in-the-dark gatefold sleeve.


1. Slice Up The Pie
2. Time Will Come
3. War Above Los Angeles
4. Kill To Be Heard
5. F
6. Invisible Empire
7. Circuitry’s God
8. Ignored
9. Black Widow Group
10. L
11. Muddy The Waters
12. Murder Corporation
13. Behind The Shifts
14. Worst Is Yet To Come
15. S
16. Suck The Bones Dry
17. Smoking Gun
18. Peace Or Conquest
19. Free LSD
20. D

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