Otis Redding - Lonely & Blue; The Deepest Soul of Otis Redding (Blue Vinyl)

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Lonely and Blue: The Deepest Soul of Otis Redding features twelve heartbreaking ballads from the King of Soul. Landmark singles like "These Arms of Mine", "I Love You More Than Words Can Say" and "Free Me".

Deepest Soul was designed, both in song choice and packaging, to evoke the look and feel of a late '60s Stax Records album that Redding might have released at the height of his career, but, in fact, it's a collection that never existed...until now.  This is an album that hones in on one mood and one theme only - heartbreak.  Says producer David Gorman: "The goal of this album was to create the best album Otis never made and 'reissue' it in 2013 rather than do another 'hits' compilation."

Limited Edition BLUE vinyl produced by Volt Records. Mastered at George Horn Mastering at Fantasy Studios.



1. I Love You More Than Words Can Say
2. Gone Again
3. Free Me
4. Open the Door (Skeleton Key version)
5. A Waste of Time
6. These Arms of Mine


1. I've Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now)
2. Everybody Makes A Mistake
3. Little Ol' Me
4. I've Got Dreams To Remember (Rougher Dreams)
5. Send Me Some Lovin'
6. My Lover's Prayer

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