Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Endless Rooms (Exclusive Yellow Vinyl)

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Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever return in 2022 with Endless Rooms, the Melbourne quintet's third record. Described by the band as them "doing what we do best: chasing down songs in a room together", Endless Rooms stands as a testament to the collaborative spirit and live power of RBCF. Highlights include "The Way It Shatters", "My Echo" and "Dive Deep".

While initial ideas were traded online during long spells spent separated by lockdowns, the album was truly born during small windows of freedom in which the band would decamp to a mud-brick house in the bush near Melbourne. There, its 12 tracks took shape, informed to such an extent by the acoustics and ambience of the rambling lakeside house that they decided to record the album there. The house also features on the album cover.

For the first time, the band self-produced the record (alongside engineer, collaborator and old friend, Matt Duy), creating their most naturalistic and expansive document yet. The result is a collection of songs permeated by the spirit of the place; punctuated by field recordings of rain, fire, birds, and wind.

Exclusive YELLOW vinyl LOSER Edition produced by Sup Pop Records in 2022.


  1. Pearl Like You
  2. Tidal River
  3. The Way It Shatters
  4. Caught Low
  5. My Echo
  6. Dive Deep
  7. Open Up Your Window
  8. Blue Eye Lake
  9. Saw You At The Eastern Beach
  10. Vanishing Dots
  11. Endless Rooms
  12. Bounce Off The Bottom
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