Scissors Sisters - Ta-Dah

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The Scissor Sisters keep the party going on their sophomore album, Ta-Dah, a synthesis of three decades worth of pop music that alternately references early Prince, Elton John, the Bee Gees and even The Rolling Stones.

The album features the first single "I Don't Feel Like Dancin'," appropriately co-written with Elton John, the funky "Ooh" (think "Controversy-"era Prince), the single-in-waiting "Everybody Wants the Same Thing," Ana Matronic's confidently sung "Kiss You Off" and the unabashedly retro "Paul McCartney." Elsewhere, the band perfects the ballad style previously heard on tracks like "Mary" and "Return to Oz" with "Land of a Thousand Words" and less in-your-face "The Other Side," which finds frontman Jake Shears eschewing his usual falsetto for a more soothing vocal delivery. "I Can't Decide" is jaunty and almost honky tonk-ish, while "Intermission" turns back the clock with a jokey spin on old-time Vaudeville.

Heavyweight double vinyl produced by Polydor Records in 2019. Gatefold sleeve.

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