Sigrid - How To Let Go

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Norwegian popstar Sigrid returns with her sophomore album, How To Let Go. A patchwork quilt of organic growth and reflection, the record features the singles "Mirror", "Burning Bridges", "It Gets Dark" and "Bad Life". Whilst her debut Sucker Punch was rich with her own authentic twist on pop, How To Let Go is a testament to Sigrid’s musical growth. A concept album in its own right, How To Let Go does what it says on the tin as the Norwegian singer-songwriter expands on how she’s blossomed through life across the 11 tracks.

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1. It Gets Dark
2. Burning Bridges
3. Risk Of Getting Hurt
4. Thank Me Later
5. Mirror
6. Last To Know
7. Dancer
8. A Driver Saved My Night
9. Mistake Like You
10. Grow
11. High Note

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