Suki Waterhouse - Milk Teeth (Exclusive Blue Vinyl)

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The Milk Teeth EP features five songs from Suki Waterhouse’s early career plus one new track called “Neon Signs”. At once, nostalgic and familiar, Milk Teeth pulls back the curtains on the dazzling lights of her current sound and shows us the roots of her beginnings.

“It means the world that Milk Teeth is getting a vinyl release,” Waterhouse says. “These songs were like secrets to me. They were witness to a time when I felt like I was drowning and I needed to connect on a profound level in order to stay afloat. I share them with everyone who collaborated me on this record. I'm so grateful for the guidance and permission they gave me to explore.”

Exclusive BLUE 'Loser' vinyl edition produced by Sub-Pop Records in 2022. Mastered at 45RPM.

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