Sadies - Colder Streams (Orange Vinyl)

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The Sadies return with their long-awaited new album, Colder Streams in 2022. Produced by Arcade Fire’s Richard Reed Parry, the record includes the singles "Message To Belial", "Cut Up High and Dry" and "Stop and Start".

Recorded between 2019 and 2021 at Skybarn in Montreal, Canada, Colder Streams features 11 original compositions engineered and mixed by Pietro Amato except for “You Should Be Worried”, which was engineered and mixed by Michael Dubue and mastered by Peter J. Moore.

With a deep fondness and reverence for the best of CBGB - country, bluegrass, and blues - The Sadies are equally informed and influenced by everything from ‘60s garage and psychedelic rock to surf instrumentals and punk rock.

Colder Streams marks the quartet’s final studio recording with founding member Dallas Good, who unexpectedly passed away in February 2022. In preparation for the release, in October of 2021, Dallas penned what he coined the band’s “anti-bio” and seemingly said all there is to say about the new album, first noting, “Colder Streams is, by far, the best record that has ever been made by anyone. Ever.”.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Dine Alone Records in 2022.


  1. Stop and Start
  2. Message to Belial
  3. More Alone
  4. So Far for So Few
  5. All the Good
  6. No One’s Listening
  7. You Should Be Worried
  8. Better Yet
  9. Cut Up High and Dry
  10. Ginger Moon
  11. End Credits
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