War On Drugs - I Don't Live Here Anymore

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The War On Drugs return with their much-anticipated new album, ' I Don't Live Here Anymore'. The record features the singles "Living Proof" and "I Don't Live Here Anymore". This is the band’s first record since 2017’s A Deeper Understanding.

The War on Drugs have steadily emerged as one of this century’s great rock and roll synthesists, removing the gaps between the underground and the mainstream, between the obtuse and the anthemic, making records that wrestle a fractured past into a unified and engrossing present. The War On Drugs have never done that as well as they do with their fifth studio album, I Don’t Live Here Anymore, an uncommon rock album about one of our most common but daunting processes - resilience in the face of despair.

Heavyweight double vinyl produced by Atlantic Records in 2021. Gatefold sleeve.


1. Living Proof
2. Harmonia’s Dream
3. Change
4. I Don’t Wanna Wait
5. Victim
6. I Don’t Live Here Anymore
7. Old Skin
8. Wasted
9. Rings Around My Father’s Eyes
10. Occasional Rain

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