Tyler, The Creator - Goblin

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Following months of anticipation and hype, Tyler The Creator's major label debut Goblin is essentially a turn-of-the-millennium indie rap record - abstract, difficult for outsiders to locate a way in to, and bled completely of anything that resembles pop. Features: "Yonkers", "Sandwitches", "Analog", "Tron Cat", and the Frank Ocean tinted "She".

The album's release will have the same effect on hip hop as other landmark moments like the first Wu-Tang album, the Beastie Boys dropping 'License To Il', Dr. Octagon's self titled record and Public Enemy's 'Yo Bum Rush The Show' and provide a much needed antidote to where hip hop is now.

Goblin continues Tyler's dialogues with his fictional therapist Dr. TC, first heard on his 2009 mixtape, Bastard. The album's songs were produced almost entirely by Tyler himself, along with a contribution from fellow Odd Future member Left Brain. The album features guest appearances from Odd Future members Frank Ocean, Hodgy Beats, Jasper Dolphin, Taco, Domo Genesis, Mike G and Syd.

Heavyweight double vinyl produced by XL Recordings. Gatefold sleeve. Includes download card.

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