Action Bronson - Cocodrillo Turbo (Exclusive Ultra Clear Vinyl)

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Broken glass, revving engines, barking dogs, burnt rubber, and roaring guitar riffs open Action Bronson’s seventh album, Cocodrillo Turbo, making it feel like the listener’s been plopped in the middle of some ‘70s B-movie chase scene rather than a rap album. The grindhouse vibe fits the NYC rapper’s preposterous action sequences and punchlines; one imagines he finds equal inspiration in Chuck Norris and Steven Seagal as in oft-cited influence Ghostface Killah.

Over a decade into his career, he remains one of hip-hop’s most entertaining lyricists. Highlights include "Jaguar", "Ninety One" and "Subzero".

Exclusive ULTRA CLEAR vinyl produced by Loma Vista Recordings in 2022.


1. Capoeira (feat. Yung Mehico)
2. C12H16N2
3. Latin Grammys
4. Golden Eye
5. (feat. Hologram & Meyhem Lauren)
6. Vega
7. Splash
8. Sergio
9. Shredder
10. Cliff Hanger
11. Marcus Aurelius
12. Hard Target

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