Aretha Franklin - Aretha (Music On Vinyl) [Red Vinyl]

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Future Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin just turned 18 years old when she recorded her album 'Aretha with The Ray Bryant Combo'. This 1961 album was her first album release on the Columbia label and showcases her covers of a range of jazz and pop standards. Highlights from the album include “Love Is The Only Thing”, “Won't Be Long” and “Are You Sure”.

Limited Edition TRANSLUCENT RED vinyl produced by Music On Vinyl for Columbia Records in 2022. Only 2000 individually-numbered copies worldwide.


1. Won't Be Long
2. Over The Rainbow
3. Love Is The Only Thing
4. Sweet Lover
5. All Night Long
6. Who Needs You?

1. Right Now
2. Are You Sure
3. Maybe I'm A Fool
4. It Ain't Necessarily So
5. By Myself
6. Today I Sing The Blues

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