Automatic - Excess (Exclusive Blue Vinyl)

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Automatic return with their new album Excess, the follow-up to their 2019 debut record Signal. The band distills themes of 70s and 80s corporate excess, dystopian sci-fi and climate change into catchy, fresh alternative electronic songs sure to find fans among rock lovers of all stripes. Highlights include "New Beginning" and "Skyscraper".

The motorik and icy atmospheres of Automatic's debut Signal remain, but Excess sees the band widening their scope, folding catchy pop hooks into their sound. The result is a tighter, punchier Automatic: danceable synth-punk for the end of days.

Exclusive BLUE vinyl produced by Stones Throw Records in 2022.


1 New Beginning  
2 On the Edge  
3 Skyscraper  
4 Realms  
5 Venus Hour  
6 Automaton  
7 Teen Beat  
8 NRG  
9 Lucy  
10 Turn Away
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