Barry Can't Swim - When Will We Land? (Pink Flamingo Vinyl)


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Barry Can’t Swim is a bold, colourful, impetuous voice in electronic music. Across a flurry of vital, cutting edge tracks he’s been able to blend club sounds with organic aspects, an outer-national approach that fuses house with afrobeat productions and jazz. Fans of Fred Again.. will enjoy!

Those who have enjoyed Barry Can't Swim’s output to date will love this full-length debut album, When Will We Land?. It showcases both sides of his artistry - his ability to write dancefloor-ready party bangers and also his more downtempo, piano-led pieces. These two sides will also come to life throughout 2023 and beyond on stage, with a stacked diary of both traditional DJ shows and his very first full band live shows. Every album track was written and crafted with it’s position within the full-length piece of work in mind - it’s an album designed as such, rather than a collection of songs thrown together.

Having worked on the album over the past two years, Barry has been finessing the tracks whilst bringing a range of collaborators into the studio with him and testing out snippets during his DJ sets and gauging crowd reactions. His sound mesh of various electronic styles mixed in with influences from around the world has won over crowds globally, not to mention within the media and his peers, with co-signs from across the electronic music universe. Artists who Barry has been collaborating with over the creation of his album include BBC Sound of 2023 nominee Biig Piig, Piri, Confidence Man, Lapsley, Surya Sen, Charlotte Plank, Memphis LK and INJI.

Limited Edition FLAMINGO PINK vinyl produced by Ninja Tune in 2023.

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