Bjork - Greatest Hits (UK Edition)

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Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the first ever hits package from Bjork. This original 2002 compilation features tracks chosen by fans via her website at the time. Greatest Hits presents the songs in descending order of most-popular votes, with the exception of "It's In Our Hands" which was a new song and appears at the end of the compilation. The survey that birthed this track list was one where fans voted for their favourite singles. Another one was conducted simultaneously where fans could vote for their favourite of all her songs, album tracks as well as B-sides.

Heavyweight double vinyl produced by One Little Indian Records in 2015. Artwork created by Icelandic contemporary artist Gabríela Fridriksdóttir. Direct Metal Mastering (DMM) from the original analog sources Masterdisk, NYC. UK Import.


A1. All Is Full Of Love
A2. Hyperballad
A3. Human Behaviour
A4. Jóga

B1. Bachelorette
B2. Army Of Me
B3. Pagan Poetry
B4. Big Time Sensuality (The Fluke Minimix)

C1. Venus As A Boy
C2. Hunter
C3. Hidden Place

D1. Isobel
D2. Possibly Maybe
D3. Play Dead
D4. It's In Our Hands
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