Boogie Down Productions - Edutainment (Record Store Day) [Black & Yellow Vinyl]

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Edutainment is the fourth studio album by the legendary Boogie Down Productions. Originally released in 1990, the album features production from D-Nice as well as KRS-One himself. KRS's unmatched lyricism comes correct over hard boom bap beats as he touches on topics that include materialism, racism, police corruption and violence, and more.

So, it's fitting that many of the skits - billed here as "exhibits" - feature civil rights pioneer Kwame Ture (previously known as Stokely Carmichael) as to complement the conscious lyricism of KRS-One. The release went on to be certified Gold within months. This is the first time Edutainment has seen an LP release since 1990.

Exclusive BLACK AND YELLOW vinyl produced by Get On Down Records in celebration of Record Store Day 2024. Only 2500 copies worldwide.


A Side:
1. Exhibit A
2. Blackman In Effect
3. Ya Know the Rules
4. Exhibit B
5. Beef
6. House Nigga's

B Side:
1. Exhibit C
2. Love's Gonna Get'cha (Material Love)
3. 100 Guns
4. Ya Strugglin'

C Side:
1. Breath Control II
2. Exhibit D
3. Edutainment
4. The Homeless
5. Exhibit E
6. The Kenny Parker Show

D Side:
1. Original Lyrics
2. The Racist
3. Exhibit F
4. Ya Know the Rules (Remix)

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