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In his decade-long career, Caribou's Dan Snaith has fluidly moved between genres like folktronica, shoegaze, krautrock, and 1960s sunshine pop, assimilating their most familiar traits until they're practically in his DNA. His albums have felt warm, loose, and ecstatic, despite Snaith's behind-the-boards meticulousness.

'Swim', the new album from 2008 Polaris Music Prize winner Caribou, is a masterpiece - the record he's wanted to bring to fruition for as long as he's been making music. From Dundas, Ontario, Canada, Dan Snaith has been a leading figure in electronic music over the past decade. A mathematics scholar and an ingenious multi-instrumentalist/composer, he surprised critics and fans with 2007’s Andorra, a brilliant, electro-tinged pop breakthrough with a timeless grace that made most year-end "best of" lists and won the aforementioned Polaris Prize.

After the startling infectiousness of Andorra, Swim is a more complex, multi-layered affair ripe with fascinating rhythms, instrumentation, and vocals (including those of Born Ruffians’ Luke LaLonde) that becomes more alluring with each listen.

Heavyweight double vinyl produced by Merge Records in 2010. 45 RPM. Gatefold sleeve. Download card included.

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