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Dan Snaith's sixth album as Caribou, Our Love is his most overtly personal record to date, one that’s remarkable for its intimacy, openheartedness, and joy derived from basic human connection. The album is formed around a mixture of digital pop production, hip hop-inspired beats and muted house basslines.

Our Love is a quietly ambitious record, despite its modest title: in documenting Snaith’s personal vision of love, it seeks to render love in all of its universally complicated glory. It’s a warts-and-all depiction of a state of being that’s so often constrained to one or two facets in pop songs: obsession and disconnection, passion and jealousy, companionship and loneliness, all given equal weight.

The kind of complex, slowly shifting relationship the album seeks to depict is mirrored by its own relationship to “dance music,” a term that’s broadly applicable to Our Love but awkward and inadequate upon closer examination. Snaith is an accomplished DJ, remixer, and producer, and he has a rock-solid grasp on the mechanics of the dancefloor: he understands how to get people moving, how to sustain intensity, and how small moves behind the boards can yield surprising results. Featuring "Your Love Will Set You Free", "Back Home", and "Mars". 

Exclusive PINK vinyl produced by Merge Records in 2023. Half-speed mastered for optimum fidelity. Includes download card.


1. Can't Do Without You
2. Silver
3. All I Ever Need
4. Our Love
5. Dive
6. Second Chance
7. Julia Birghtly
8. Mars
9. Back Home
10. Your Love Will Set You Free

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