Four Tet - New Energy

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Four Tet's 2017 album New Energy is gorgeous, lush, subtle, tonally satisfying. Kieran Hebden’s pursuit of new sounds has found him digging into his own catalog. New Energy is a wide-ranging album that connects the warmth of his early work to his latest club experiments. There’s the low-key warmth of 2003’s Rounds, the free jazz at the heart of 2005’s Everything Ecstatic, the friendly thump of 2012’s Pink, the sprawl of 2015’s Morning/Evening. Downtempo nodders, beatless passages that flow into big bangers - he synthesizes all this into his most accessible listen since There is Love in You.

Heavyweight double vinyl produced by Temporary Residence for Text Records. Gatefold sleeve.


1. Alap
2. Two Thousand and Seventeen
3. LA Trance
4. Tremper
5. Lush
6. Scientists
7. Falls 2
8. You Are Loved
9. SW9 9SL
10. 10 Midi
11. Memories
12. Daughter
13. Gentle Soul
14. Planet

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