Coldplay - Music Of The Spheres (Splatter Vinyl)

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Coldplay takes fans on a cosmic journey with their ninth studio album, Music Of The Spheres. The record features the singles "Higher Power" and "My Universe", which features BTS. The band teamed up with legendary hitmaker Max Martin and dove back into the world of pop. Spheres features twelve tracks, five of which are represented by emojis.
Limited Edition RECYCLED SPLATTER vinyl produced by Parlophone Records in 2021. Circular die-cut front cover, revealing a 4-page Map Of The Spheres insert. Spot gloss varnish inner-sleeve. Includes 28-page booklet with additional artwork, lyrics and credits, plus a download card.
  1. (Planet emoji)
  2. Higher Power
  3. Humankind
  4. (Stars emoji)
  5. Let Somebody Go
  6. (Heart emoji)
  7. People Of The Pride
  8. Biutyful
  9. (Earth emoji)
  10. My Universe
  11. (Infinity emoji)
  12. Coloratura
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