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It’s a cold February morning, during yet another pandemic wave. Daniel Bélanger is wandering the streets of Mile-Ex. Hands in his pockets, head down, he ponders the countless consequences of the current health crisis, including the fact that it’s now impossible to sit down in a café, like he enjoys doing so much.

After stopping by a spot where he’s a regular and ordering a latte to-go, he recognizes somebody among a group of people gathered around a public bench. Greetings, introductions, small talk — Daniel Bélanger isn’t aware of it yet, but he’s making real friends, with whom he will get through the next few weeks of lockdown, over warm cups of joe. 

It could be said that each of the 10 tracks that make up Mercure en mai come from such happenstance. From thoughtful words to sudden surprises, to these “little Californias” that exist inside of us. The music is alternately sparse and lush, with looping motifs and secret passageways. It’s an impromptu portrait, capturing the things that are unplanned, unreasonable. 

A small band, namely Guillaume Doiron (bass) and Robbie Kuster (drums), stopped by Daniel’s studio before Pierre Girard mixed this hypnotic Mercure en mai, which provides us with the breath of fresh air we all needed. Highlights include the singles "Dormir dans l'auto" and "J'entends tout ce qui joue ( dans ta tête )".

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Secret City Records in 2022.


1. Au vent des idées
2. Soleil levant
3. Dormir dans l'auto
4. Joie
5. Oh no !!!
6. J'entends tout ce qui joue ( dans ta tête )
7. Pendu aux étoiles
8. Avec des fleurs
9. Hiatus
10. Il faut s'accorder
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