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For a duo whose youthful energy rejuvenated the world of house music at the start of the 2010s, it seems incredible that Disclosure are now into their second decade of musical life. The incredible vigor of those early records, the spark of invention and ever-onward musical thrust, remains with the Disclosure brothers, Howard and Guy Lawrence, to this day.

The emphasis throughout DJ-Kicks is on motion. After a brief ambient introduction from Pépe’s "Life Signs", Disclosure keep the energy high, in a mix that showcases the wonderful malleability of a house beat in the right hands. From sub bass to disco samples, African funk to 303 tweak, all is welcome in
Disclosure’s house, with the mix allowing individual songs space to breath even as the pace remains barefooted. Featuring unreleased tunes by Harry Wolfman, Arfa x Joe, and Disclosure themselves, DJ Kicks: Disclosure is a 12-track triumph.

Heavyweight double vinyl produced by in 2022. Gatefold sleeve.


  1. Pépe - Recollection
  2. Harry Wolfman - LOTF
  3. Cleanfield - Conflict With Clayton
  4. Disclosure - Deep Sea
  5. Simon Hinter - Wanna Make Love
  6. &on&on - Don’t Say a Word
  7. M-High - Harmony In The Distance
  8. Slum Science - Mezmerized
  9. Disclosure - Observer Effect (DJ-Kicks)
  10. Arfa x Joe - Recognise
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