Toro Y Moi - Causers Of This

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Toro y Moi (a.k.a. Columbia, South Carolina's Chaz Bundick) is the sound the world has been waiting for. This multi-cultural juggernaut gathers up the best musical elements from around the globe (R&B, Indie Rock, Electronic Dance and Psychedelica) and creates something incredible!

Over the course of his first groundbreaking debut album Causers Of This, Toro y Moi turns the electronic music world upside-down with his breathtakingly innovative approach. The incendiary power of Toro y Moi's funky synth and guitar play, pumping digital rhythms and gorgeously bright vocal harmonies makes for a formidable combination. A soon to be masterpiece of a currently unnamed genre.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Carpark Records.


A1   Blessa
A2   Minors
A3   Imprint After
A4   Lissoms
A5   Fax Shadow
A6   Thanks Vision
B1   Freak Love
B2   Talamak
B3   You Hid
B4   Low Shoulder
B5   Causers Of This
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