El Michels Affair - Yeti Season (Exclusive Blue Vinyl)


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Multi-Instrumentalist and some time Daptone Records producer Leon Michels returned with his third record as El Michels Affair in 2021. Yeti Season extends the reaches of his signature cinematic instrumental soul vibe into a mind-bending blend of Turkish prog-rock, pop and soul. Vocalist Piya Malik contributes another unexpected layer to the project with three tracks sung in Hindi. Featuring "Unathi", "Fazed Out" and "Silver Lining."

Where El Michels Affair's 2020 album Adult Themes inspired a soundtrack to an imaginary film, Yeti Season brings fans to a different place in time, with new inspirations. Taken with Turkish-styled funk and an almost Mumbai-esque take on soul, El Michels Affair offers fans a different kind of drama and imagination with Yeti Season.

So what is Yeti Season? It could be more of a feeling than an actual place or time of year. It's a heavy album, as evidenced by the signature musicianship and dramatic vocal expressions. But it's also a hopeful record, with phrasings, textures, and chord changes that hint at something better is about to come.

Exclusive TRANSLUCENT BLUE vinyl produced by Big Crown Records.

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