Groove Armada - GA25 (The Best Of Groove Armada)


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Celebrate the 25th anniversary of Groove Armada with GA25, a collection of their greatest hits over the last 25 years. Highlights include "At The River", "If Everybody Looked the Same", "I See You Baby", "Superstylin'" and "Song 4 Mutya".

25 years on from their debut, Groove Armada have become one of the most influential and successful dance acts of the 21st century, a position they have maintained, proving to be an influential force in the UK and globally. Over two decades of prolific productions and tireless touring they've proved that it's possible to daringly explore a multitude of sounds while achieving critical and commercial success.

From huge outdoor performances to intimate parties, travelling the world, delivering their diverse dance floor focused sound to raucous crowds on every continent, the duo have done it all. Despite their extensive list of achievements, there's still plenty of motivation to have another huge party and go the extra mile to make GA25 one to remember, for fans new and old.

Heavyweight double vinyl produced by BMG Records in 2023.


  1. I See You Baby
  2. Song 4 Mutya
  3. Back to My Roots
  4. Superstylin'
  5. If Everybody Looked the Same
  6. Purple Haze
  7. My Friend
  8. Chicago
  9. Easy
  10. Edge Hill
  11. Girls Say
  12. Get Down
  13. At the River
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