Mimi Webb - Amelia

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Mimi Webb releases her first full length album Amelia following the success of her debut EP Seven Shades of Heartbreak. It features singles "House On Fire", "Ghost Of You", and "Red Flags". 

Describing the album, Mimi says “The album is named Amelia, my full first name, as there are two sides of me that I want people to get to know. There’s Amelia, the girl from the UK countryside who loves to be at home with her family, friends, and dogs; and Mimi, the pop artist who loves to be up on stage traveling the world. It was important for me to capture this duality with songs written for both of those girls, and I’m excited for you all to get to know them!”

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Epic Records in 2023.


  1. The Other Side
  2. Red Flags
  3. Roles Reversed
  4. House On Fire
  5. Both Of Us
  6. Freezing
  7. Last Train To London
  8. Ghost of You
  9. Is It Possible
  10. Remind You
  11. See You Soon
  12. Amelia
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