Miranda Lambert - Weight of These Wings (3LP)


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Miranda Lambert's double album Weight of These Wings arrives in the wake of her divorce from Blake Shelton, but is devoid of spite or anger. Think more 'Shelter From the Storm' than 'Idiot Wind'.

Miranda Lambert came to stardom via reality TV, so living in public isn't unusual for her, yet suffering through a public divorce from Blake Shelton had to take its toll. Lambert, however, doesn't wear her heart on her sleeve on The Weight of These Wings, a sprawling double-record album released in the wake of her separation from Shelton. She channels whatever sorrow she has into a moody, muddy production that has more in common with the impressionistic smears of Daniel Lanois than whatever sounds were emanating from Nashville in 2016.

By radically shifting her sound, she winds up focusing attention on her songwriting and musicality: it may have mainstream songs, but The Weight of These Wings isn't produced like a country-pop album, so it demands attention and rewards close listening. It is by no means tight, but its excess is also its asset because immersion reveals different pleasures with every spin.

It features the singles "We Should Be Friends", "Vice", "Tin Man" and "Keeper Of The Flame".

Deluxe triple vinyl set produced by RCA Records in 2016. Tri-fold sleeve.


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