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Irish post-punk band The Murder Capital return in 2023 with their much-anticipated sophomore album, Gigi's Recovery. It includes the singles "Only Good Things", "A Thousand Lives", "Ethel" and "Return My Head".

This record presents a different side to The Murder Capital whose debut album When I Have Fears was driven by grief, loss and pain. “We’ve only got one record, so there’s a lot left to write about,” explained frontman James McGovern. “I feel like the sky’s the limit, really. When I strip it all away though, my writing is just an endeavour to empathize, whether that’s with myself or with others.”

“The album is asking the questions about the life that you want to take part in, but it’s also posing the reality that you are responsible for that life that you’re in. It’s less wishful and naïve. This album definitely asked me those questions. This record is more grounded in itself. ‘Gigi’s Recovery’ is a story of deep introspection, pulled out of necessity and it culminates in a point of surrender.”

Exclusive PINK vinyl produced by Human Season Records in 2023.


  1. Existence
  2. Crying
  3. Return My Head
  4. Ethel
  5. The Stars Will Leave Their Stage
  6. Belonging
  7. The Lie Becomes The Self
  8. A Thousand Lives
  9. We Had To Disappear
  10. Only Good Things
  11. Gigi's Recovery
  12. Exist
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