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Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro have released RR, their new three-song EP. The EP features “Beso,” “Vampiros,” and “Promesa.” They have also shared a music video for “Beso,” which culminates with a shot of Rosalía crying and wearing what looks like a diamond engagement ring.

Back in September 2021, Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro confirmed they were in a relationship. A few months later, Rosalía released her Motomami single “Chicken Teriyaki,” which she co-wrote with Alejandro.

RR chronicles the couple’s romantic journey. “For us it’s always love first and everything else later, but we skipped that this time so we could finish RR and share it with the world,” Rosalía said in a press release. “After more than three years these three songs are here and each one of them belongs to a different stage of love.”

Limited Edition HEART SHAPED vinyl produced by Columbia Records in 2023.


  1. Besos
  2. Vampiros
  3. Promesa
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