serpentwithfeet - Blisters (EP)


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'blisters' is the startling collaboration between Josiah Wise (serpentwithfeet) and Haxan Cloak. The 2016 EP is a sly and personal exploration of the queer experience, boiling with intimacy while being fantastically operatic in scale. Featuring "Four Ethers."

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Tri-Angle Records in 2016. With poster and download.

From Pitchfork:

*blisters *is a brief five-song EP, barely over 20 minutes long, but it’s gorgeously multivalent and strangely wrought, morphing that short timespan into an experience that is unabashedly vulnerable and powerfully queer. Its opening title track sounds simultaneously ancient and postmodern. Harps share space with thunderous electronic drums and belches of static creating a whirlpool of sounds that seems totally inhospitable until Wise’s voice threads it all together. A combination of spooky processing and classical inflections make his voice so affecting: shifting between whispers and moans, splitting off, multiplying, and taking root in your ears in such strange ways.

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