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Valentine is the hugely anticipated follow up to Snail Mail's first full length, Lush. The album is filled with romance, heartbreak, blood, sweat and tears. That said, Valentine is poised and self-possessed, channeling anger and dejection into empowering revenge fantasies and rewriting the narrative of its own fate. Highlights include the singles "Valentine", "Glory" and "Ben Franklin".

Stitched throughout Valentine is the melodrama and the camp Lindsay Jordan so deftly utilizes to offset her pain. The sonic leap forward can be heard from the first moments of the title track - the whispered voice and eerie sci-fi synths erupting into a full-on stadium-sized adrenaline-rush of a chorus. The star of the show however is Lindsey's voice - no longer the prodigal wunderkind, her vocals and words are rawer, deeper, snarlier and possess more feeling than ever before.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Matador Records in 2021.


1. Valentine

2. Ben Franklin

3. Headlock

4. Light Blue

5. Forever (Sailing)

6. Madonna

7. c. et. al.

8. Glory

9. Automate

10. Mia

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