Taylor Swift - Fearless (Platinum Edition)


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The platinum edition of Taylor Swift’s sophomore album Fearless features six new songs, including some that were meant to be on her album Speak Now but didn’t fit the final product. It was released in October 2009, just under a year after the initial release of Fearless.

On her self-titled debut, Swift established herself as a precocious storyteller who could write love songs vague and ageless enough that anyone might find herself in them, perhaps to prove to Nashville that a teen could do it. Her second album, Fearless, is a rebuke to that approach, with Swift bringing listeners straight to the dreaded football-game bleachers and mean-girl maze of high school. She took her teen self seriously and demanded others do the same, navigating the cloying innocence of a girl who simultaneously experiences relationships like a dog-eared Nicholas Sparks novel and also has the wisdom to know that not all kisses end in a rainstorm.

This 19-song expanded album includes the singles "Love Story", "Change", "White Horse", "You Belong With Me", "The Best Day".

Heavyweight double vinyl produced by Big Machine Records in 2016. Gatefold sleeve.

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