Wolf Parade - Apologies to The Queen Mary (Deluxe Edition)

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Wolf Parade's debut album, Apologies to the Queen Mary, is an indie rock classic. It features distorted guitars, propulsive drums on the verge of collapse, bizarre yelps and howls, and evocative lyrics about ghosts, death, grief, and the perils of modernity, but it never stops being accessible, catchy, and anthemic.

On first listen, Wolf Parade is just another Canadian buzz band that plays fun, keyboard-heavy, new wave inspired indie-rock and sings in weird, affected, high-pitched tones. Upon further listening, the songs on Apologies to The Queen Mary reveal a lot of strange and fuzzy little details, and the lyrics have more depth than most bands do on their debut albums. The album was an entirely collaborative effort, barreling headfirst and breathlessly through songs written during Wolf Parade’s early years together as a band.

The Montreal-based group was brought to the Seattle-based Sub Pop label's attention by none other than Modest Mouse's Isaac Brock, modern rock radio's king of affected vocals. Fans of Arcade Fire and Frog Eyes, are probably already fans of Wolf Parade.

This deluxe reissue features the original album, along with the band’s self-titled EPs (released in 2003 and 2004), both of which make their vinyl debut. The package also includes the previously unreleased track “Snakes on the Ladder” from the Apologies sessions. The album was remastered for this release by the band’s longtime associate Harris Newman at Grey Market Mastering. 

Heavyweight TRIPLE vinyl produced by Sup Pop Records. Deluxe tri-fold sleeve. Includes download card.

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