Aphex Twin - Richard D James Album

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The Richard D James Album from Aphex Twin is a vivacious and sparkling piece of work, full of chutes and ladders, baroque oboes and pizzicatos alongside fart jokes. Parts of the record bring to mind a mobile hanging above a crib ("Logon Rock Witch"), and others evoke the constructive joy of opening a new Lego set ("Carn Marth"). This album also yielded the single "Girl / Boy Song".

Characteristically, Richard D. James employs audio generated electronically, whilst furthering his ideas of more 'concrete' techniques such as sampling, distorting, looping and the use of human voice, physical instruments and environmental sound. As compelling a listen today as it ever was.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Warp Records in 2017. US Import.



1. 4
2. Cornish Acid
3. Peek 824545201
4. Fingerbib
5. Carn Marth

1. To Cure A Weakling Child
2. Goon Gumpas
3. Yellow Calx
4. Girl/Boy Song
5. Logan-Rock Witch

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