Arcade Fire - Reflektor

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Arcade Fire's fourth official album Reflektor was hotly anticipated after their commercial breakout success from their previous album The Suburbs. The album was produced by the band, along with LCD Soundsystem front man James Murphy, and long-time collaborator Markus Dravs.

Arcade Fire's lush, imaginative 85-minute fourth album is a triumph, but not a victory lap; the band never sounds content enough for that. Instead, Reflektor is an anxious, occasionally downright paranoid album that asks big, barbed questions aimed not just at the man who may or may not be upstairs, but the more terrestrial gods of rock history, too.

Reflektor unfolds over two records, and which you prefer will depend on how many packets of earnest magnificence you take in your Arcade Fire. Record 1 is raw and grounded; Record 2 is airier, more cosmic, and a little less self-aware.

The album features the singles: "Reflektor", "Afterlife", "We Exist", "You Already Know" and "Get Right".

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Sony Music. Deluxe glossy gatefold sleeve.

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