Blackpink - Born Pink (Pink Vinyl)

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Nearly two years after releasing their full-length debut, global superstars BlackPink return with their sophomore album Born Pink. Hardened and more experienced, the eight-song set brims with the confidence and intent accumulated over years of dealing with fame, the spotlight, and detractors. Without any immediate dance-pop ravers, this time out Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa opt for big bass (and big flexing) hip-hop bangers in the form of "Pink Venom" and "Shut Down." The mischievous "Typa Girl" shuts down the haters and rude boys; elsewhere, they expand their sonic limits with rock-leaning standouts like the new wave-esque "Yeah Yeah Yeah" and "Hard to Love," a stadium-ready rocker that transforms into blissful pop complete with introspective lyrics, thick bass groove, and disco handclaps.

Amidst the edginess and aggression, Born Pink also includes the pensive piano ballad "The Happiest Girl," a vulnerable heartbreaker, and "Ready for Love," the closest they come to a "classic" K-pop sound, all sparkling production, horn flares, and massive singalong chorus. Aiming for an even wider international audience, the English-heavy Born Pink matures BlackPink with stronger production, more personal lyrics, and a bold conviction that cannot be contained.

Heavyweight pink vinyl produced by YG Entertainment in 2022.


1. Pink Venom
2. Shut Down
3. Typa Girl
4. Yeah Yeah Yeah
5. Hard To Love
6. The Happiest Girl
7. Tally
8. Ready For Love

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