Brandi Carlile - In These Silent Days / In The Canyon Haze (Exclusive Vinyl)


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This exclusive vinyl deluxe edition of Brandi Carlile's 2021 album, In These Silent Days, includes In The Canyon Haze, a 10 track acoustic album that features her cover of "Space Oddity".

Carlile said that the project came about when she was looking at putting out a deluxe edition of Silent Days for the album’s upcoming anniversary, with bonus tracks, but settled on a way to make the entire album as the added content. The “canyon” part alludes to how the artist thinks the re-do aims for a vintage Laurel Canyon spirit in the reconfigured arrangements.

The new album follows the running order of the original album exactly, with the exception of an acoustic cover of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity,” which she often performs in concert, tagged onto the end.

Exclusive BLUE / ORANGE double vinyl produced by Elektra Records in celebration of RSD Black Friday 2022.


1. Right on Time
2. You and Me on the Rock (Featuring Lucius)
3. This Time Tomorrow
4. Broken Horses
5. Letter to the Past
6. Mama Werewolf
7. When You're Wrong
8. Stay Gentle
9. Sinners, Saints and Fools
10. Throwing Good After Bad
11. Right on Time
12. You and Me on the Rock Feat. Catherine Carlile
13. This Time Tomorrow
14. Broken Horses
15. Letter to the Past
16. Mama Werewolf
17. When You're Wrong
18. Stay Gentle
19. Sinners Saints and Fools
20. Throwing Good After Bad
21. Space Oddity
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