Com Truise - Galactic Melt (10th Anniversary) [Black / Orange Vinyl]

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Com Truise celebrates the 10 Anniversary of his debut record with this expanded edition. The proggy, proto-electro sound of Galactic Melt was envisioned as a score, chronicling the life and death of the world's first robotic astronaut - from his creation and time on earth to his subsequent mission to a newly discovered galaxy called Wave 1.

From the keyed-up, skyscraping machine love of "VHS Sex" and "Cathode Girls" to pulsing cuts like "Air Cal" and "Ether Drift," the music on Galactic Melt is mathy, forlorn, funky, and mighty in technical ambition. It features the singles "Futureworld" and "Cathode Girls".

10th Anniversary Edition BLACK / ORANGE vinyl produced by Ghostly International in 2022. Embossed gatefold sleeve with enhanced artwork. Includes six unreleased bonus tracks.



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