Marias - Submarine (Ultra Clear Vinyl)

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Indie pop band The Marias return in 2024 with their sophomore album, Submarine. The record features the singles "Run Your Mouth", "If Only" and "No One Noticed".

Lead singer Maria Zardoya spoke about the record on the band's website: "Submarine is an album that represents solitude and exploration. we wrote it in the throws of heartbreak, my mind spiraling at each turn, my vision a blur. No one noticed, but there were moments during the writing process where I felt like my mind was underwater and where I couldn’t hear anything except for the echo of my own thoughts. I’ve come out on the other side of that headspace with more clarity than ever and with a project that I’ve never been more proud of. When you’re ready to listen to it, throw some headphones on, find a quiet place where you can be with your inner world and dive in without looking back."

Limited Edition ULTRA CLEAR vinyl produced by Atlantic Records in 2024.


1. Ride
2. Hamptons
3. Echo
4. Run Your Mouth
5. Real Life
6. Blur
7. Paranoia
8. Lejos de Ti
9. Love You Anyway
10. Ay No Puedo
11. No One Noticed
12. Vicious Sensitive Robot
13. If Only
14. Sienna

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