Curtis Mayfield - Superfly (50th Anniversary) [Deluxe Edition]


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Superfly, one of the most beloved classic movie soundtracks of all time, features the music of the legendary soul icon Curtis Mayfield. The album features classics like "Superfly", "Give Me Your Love", "No Thing On Me" and "Freddie's Dead".

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Rhino Records for Curtom Records in 2010. Features Repro die-cut jacket. 


LP1: Original Album

  1. Little Child Runnin Wild
  2. Pusherman
  3. Freddie's Dead
  4. Junkie Chase
  5. Give Me Your Love
  6. Eddie You Should Know Better
  7. No Thing On Me
  8. Think
  9. Superfly

LP2: Rarities

  1. Freddie's Dead (single mix)
  2. Superfly (single mix)
  3. Ghetto Child (demo of "Little Child Runnin Wild")
  4. Pusherman (alt mix w/ horns)
  5. Freddie's Dead (instrumental)
  6. Junkie Chase (full length instrumental version)
  7. No Thing On Me (instrumental / score version)
  8. Militant March
  9. Eddie You Should Know Better (instrumental)
  10. Radio Spot #1
  11. The Underground (1970 demo)
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