Depeche Mode - Music For The Masses


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Depeche Mode's Music For the Masses lived up to its title, underscoring the power and songcraft of the band as their popularity exploded. The 1987 album features the hit singles "Strangelove", "Behind the Wheel", and "Never Let Me Down Again".

Rooted in the UK's late 1970's New Romantic movement, Depeche Mode formed in 1980, and their pioneering, synthesizer-based sound went on to establish them as one of the most successful alt-rock groups ever. These electro-pop superstars loomed as large as cult heroes as they did as commercial heavies, and their wealth of singles and signature tracks ranged from energetic dance grooves to dramatic, moody, and industrial-tinged masterpieces. Depeche's originality of vision weathered personnel shifts and personal turmoil, influencing modern rock and synth-pop on a global level.

Heavyweight vinyl produced by Rhino Records for Sire Records, Gatefold sleeve.


  1. Never Let Me Down Again
  2. The Things You Said
  3. Strangelove
  4. Sacred
  5. Little 15
  6. Behind The Wheel
  7. I Want You Now
  8. To Have And To Hold
  9. Nothing
  10. Pimpf
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