Dusty Springfield - Faithful (Gold & Purple Swirl Vinyl)


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In 1971, Atlantic Records released a pair of Dusty Springfield singles produced by the legendary songwriter/producer Jeff Barry: "Haunted"/"Nothing Is Forever" and "I Believe In You"/"Someone Who Cares." A restless Dusty, freshly relocating to America from her native England, then departed the label and left an additional 9 songs recorded with Barry in the can, where they stayed until Rhino issued one track, "Faithful", as a bonus track on the 1990s CD release of Dusty's 1970 Atlantic album A Brand New Me. The other tracks didn’t surface until a subsequent deluxe reissue of Dusty’s landmark 1969 album Dusty in Memphis included them as bonus cuts.

Then, reissue producer Jim Pierson—who tracked down the missing masters after being lost for over two decades —assembled Dusty’s Barry-produced masters and put them together in a single package for the first time. Real Gone Music's release of Faithful on LP presents these historic Barry-Springfield collaborations exactly as they were originally intended to be heard, with the 12 tracks meant for the album release out on vinyl over 50 years later.

Limited Edition GOLD AND ROYAL PURPLE SWIRL vinyl produced by Real Gone Music in 2024. Only 1500 copies worldwide.


  1. I'll Be Faithful
  2. Live Here with You
  3. Haunted
  4. Someone Who Cares
  5. Make It with You
  6. Love Shine Down
  7. I Believe in You
  8. Have a Good Life Baby
  9. Natchez Trace
  10. All The King's Horses
  11. You've Got a Friend
  12. I Found My Way through the Darkness
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