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Texan blues-folkies Good Looks make their debut in 2022 with Bummer Year. The record has a Replacements-meets-War On Drugs swagger. Highlights include "Almost Automatic", "Vision Boards" and "Bummer Year".

Born and raised in small Texas towns, the members of Good Looks met and began playing together in Austin. Songwriter Tyler Jordan grew up in a South Texas coastal town dominated by the petrochemical industry, his childhood steeped in the tension between nature and industry, exploitation abundantly present and the wealth gap on full display. His father's church, described by Tyler as "cult-like in it's intensity," was the home base where he learned to sing.

Tyler eventually met lead guitarist Jake Ames in the late-night song-swap circles of the Kerrville Folk Festival campground (where they would also meet Buck Meek and Adrienne Lenker pre-Big Thief) where they shared their mutual love of the Texas Hill Country canon (Blaze Foley, Townes Van Zandt, and Willie Nelson), cheap diner food and thrift store baseball caps. They began playing in bands together, backing up other songwriters and flushing out what would form Good Looks, a blue-collar political indie-rock band with healthy doses of Replacements swagger and shimmering, desert rock riffs not unlike The War On Drugs.

Exclusive VIOLET vinyl produced by Keeled Scales in 2022.

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