Jill Barber - Chances (15th Anniversary) [Orchid Vinyl]


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For those that believe they don’t write songs like they used to, there is new hope for old romantics: On Chances, Jill Barber takes a giant step forward from the typical confines of the singer-songwriter and delivers an album of original, fully orchestrated songs that are often mistaken for classics. The moment the music starts you are taken back to a time where music was romantic, where it dwelled in beauty, and was full of life. With Chances, Jill has aligned herself with a talented array of performers in capturing the classic sound of a bygone era.

Limited 15th Anniversary Edition ORCHID vinyl produced by Outside Music in 2023.


1. Chances
2. Be My Man
3. Old Flame
4. Oh My My
5. Take It Off Your Mind
6. Wishing Well
7. Never Quit Loving You
8. All My Dreams
9. Leaving You
10. One More Time

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