Joni Mitchell - Live at Canterbury House 1967


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Joni Mitchell – the artist, songwriter, and singer who has created some of the most influential music of all time – has a reputation for not looking back. Despite her considerable legacy and personal archive full of treasures, it wasn’t until recently that she began began really celebrating her past. Films, tribute concerts, and a recent book of art and lyrics have done their part to reaffirm her influence and artistry in the public consciousness, but now Joni Mitchell has approved something long thought unthinkable; something that will surely leave diehard fans’ jaws on the floor: a series of box sets and archival albums that shows the arc of her artistry, to be released over the next several years. Rhino promises that Joni “has been intimately involved in producing the archive series, lending her vision and personal touch to every element of the project.”

Joni Mitchell - Live at Canterbury House 1967 features her entire three-set performance from October 27, 1967. This recording pre-dates the release of Joni's first studio album. There's nine completely unreleased songs, plus early versions of "Both Sides Now", "The Circle Game" and "Urge For Going".

Bob Franke, who was covering Mitchell’s show at Canterbury House for the Michigan Daily, pens the liner notes for this limited edition release. His original review for the Michigan Daily is also included.

Heavyweight triple vinyl produced by Rhino Records for the Joni Mitchell Archive Series. Only 10,000 copies worldwide.

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