Paramore - This Is Why (Exclusive Clear Vinyl)


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Paramore return in 2023 with their first new record in six years! When Paramore revealed they were recording together in January 2022 the response from music fans around the world was immediate and celebratory. The lead single "This Is Why" has been incredibly well-received.

Paramore have become more popular than ever. Over the last few years, Paramore's influence and popularity has snowballed, as the age of streaming organically propelled them into a position as one of the world's biggest, most culturally compelling rock bands. For the band, who formed as teenagers in Tennessee, their 20-year trajectory has seen them grow from youthful outsiders to bona fide pop culture icons, permeating the musical landscape by inspiring a new generation of musical talent.

Exclusive CLEAR vinyl produced by Atlantic Records in 2023. Made in Italy.


  1. This Is Why
  2. The News
  3. Running Out Of Time
  4. C'est Comme Ca
  5. Big Man, Little Dignity
  6. You First
  7. Figure 8
  8. Liar
  9. Crave
  10. Thick Skull
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