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Spanning jazz, soul, rap, dance, jungle, and west African music, producer and singer-songwriter Sampha presents his highly-anticipated sophomore release, Lahai. Taken from his paternal grandfather's name, Lahai revels in the awe and magic of our existence, synthesizing the exquisite chaos that one experiences confronting the cycle of life and the beyondness.

Lahai is an exercise in the radical acceptance and joy in the human condition, and the beauty in the journey itself. Highlights include the singles "Spirit 2.0" and "Only".

Exclusive WHITE vinyl produced by Young Records in 2023.


  1. Stereo Colour Cloud (Shaman’s Dream)
  2. Spirit 2.0
  3. Dancing Circles
  4. Suspended
  5. Satellite Business
  6. Jonathan L. Seagull
  7. Inclination Compass (Tenderness)
  8. Only
  9. Time Piece
  10. Can’t Go Back
  11. Evidence
  12. Wave Therapy
  13. What If You Hypnotise Me?
  14. Rose Tint
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