Black Crowes - Amorica


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As bold and ramshackle, heartfelt and personal as rock & roll itself, Amorica finds the Black Crowes finding themselves. Still defiant in their untrendy insistence that the guitar bravado and rebel pose of classic rock furnishes an inspiration as authentic as that of blues and country, the Atlanta sextet now spin off from their heavy ’60s and ’70s influences so fluidly that they shake freer than ever before from the retro-rock tag that has dogged the band.

The Crowes haven’t ceased their cocky pillaging of the universal jukebox, there's echoes of the Stones and Led Zeppelin for sure, but in jolting the mix with offbeat kicks, they sound remarkably fresh.

The album features the singles "A Conspiracy", "Wiser Time" and "High Head Blues".

Heavyweight double vinyl produced by American Recordings in 2016.

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